Ekowisata Way Biha, Nature Tour Biha Way

waterfall way biha
waterfall way biha
Jajanan Lampung.com, West Coast — AFTER devoured the West Cross Trek (Jalinbar) from Bandar Lampung for about 100 km, arrived Lampung snack team in West Coast District.

Despite the route so far, the natural charm that is enjoyed along the way is quite effective to be saturated bidder on the vehicle.

One of them, when the team went through Jalinbar Kota Agung-Way Biha.

Arriving at the Sedayu Ramp, the road that splits the jungle of Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (TNBBS) offers a different driving sensation.

Not infrequently, while crossing the street, encountered a gang of wild animals in the middle of the road.

Monkeys, deer, wild pigs, tigers, even elephants will force you to pause the journey as they pass the asphalt.

Between “wow” and make a shudder, but that’s the typical sensation in the Sedayu Rise.

Finally, the team arrived at the destination: Way Biha! Not directly visited the tourist site, Edy Edward, the manager of Way Biha Tour, led us a group to the Secretariat of Way Biha Ecotourism.

There, we are given a discourse related to the offerings offered by Way Biha nature.

Only from Edy’s oral, our adrenaline is eager to conquer the adventures Edy has described.

One thing that matters, Edy is so underlined her exposure about safety standards.

“To explore nature, we always prioritize visitor security.

For that, we equip various security facilities, such as anti slip shoes, buoys, helmets, first aid kit, and so on.

In fact, weather forecasts from BMKG we are very concerned.

If the prediction of bad weather, we will delay this adventure tour, “said the man who is a native of the West Coast.

In addition to equipment for visitors, he also noticed once about the feasibility of the tourist tool.

“We have regular maintenance.

As for the rides tubing, we note very well the condition of the tire and seat.

Then, for rock climbing, the rope should be really in good condition, “explained Edy.

After detailing the procedure and the rule of the game, Edy invites us to move closer to Way Biha Dam.

Unfortunately, because we arrived too late, we could not feel the tour with the full package that day.

“Which makes it possible, we will do the river, the rain forest damar, tubbing, and lunch.

After that we return susur river and the last characteristic of this tour is nyeruit together with the original menu of traditional Lampung.

It could be until the afternoon, “he said.

At Biha Way Dam, we are spoiled with green grass on both sides of the dam.

In addition to the sound of water rushing gurgling, natural nuances are felt in this place.

In some corners of the dam, visitors look engrossed berselfie ria.

With several lodge and seating venues, this location is suitable for recreation.

On the back side of the dam, there was an artificial wooden pier that drove us to the boat.

This motor boat brought us to the spot tubing. About an hour and a half of our journey down the river.

During the water journey, we were treated to a spectacular panorama.

Right-left river which is the forest of the clan still looks natural.

The rush of trees and the sounds of wild animals pamper the senses.

From a distance, there was the rushing of the river with the limits of the cliffs and the roots of the trees dangling in the water; naturally formed.

When we got to the tubing site, Mr. Edy pulled off his boat. We were invited by road to see the damar forest.

Not only look around, there we are also invited to practice how to harvest resin sap quality has been recognized that world.

Half an hour by road, we reached the spot tubing.

There were officers preparing the tools for our adventures, such as specially designed tires with seats, buoys, helmets, and antislip shoes.

The current stream was ideal enough to accompany us to conquer the winding river.

Without having to pedal, the swift currents are enough to push our tires.

Our job just needs to set the direction of the tire to stay in line.

Do not worry when you are stranded by the river.

Officers from Way Biha’s ecotourism are on hand to drive the tires into the middle of the river.

As you slide from the starting point, the sensation of adventure begins.

As the rafters swayed our tires, the cool sprinkling of water was fresh when it flushed.

At the same time, we are required to focus on steering the tires to stay in the stream.

The excitement grew to be when our tires headed for the side of the raging river.

Ban will be wild and difficult to direct.

However, with all the excitement, we are not worried about security, because officers are always watching from the edge of the river.

When our tires get stuck or upside down, after a while they come to help.

Very safety!

About an hour wading through the river, we reached the point of halt.

Incidentally, on the spot the water was rather quiet, so we chose to swim to enjoy the freshness of Way Biha’s water.

While on the edge of the river, Edy and the crew have served lunch menu.

The activity is quite draining and the cold after lingering in the water almost makes not able to control hunger.

The meals that were served were gone.

After a break after a meal, we continue the adventure back along the river by boat jukung.

A gentle cool breeze whilst lying on the ship was able to cure the weary fatigue.

We were docked back to Way Biha Dam.

Still with our clothes and wet body, we headed for Edy’s house.

There, the original Edi family Lappung presents traditional dishes typical of the West Coast.

Served in lesehan, the menu consists of eggplant curry, vegetable bamboo shoot, lodeh fish, and sambal seruit able to arouse our appetite.

The distinctive taste of being the perfect cover of our adventure at Way Biha Ecowours that day.

When picking up the complete package, Way Biha Tour offers various adventure menus as follows.

1. House Pemunt Kubu GedungHere is a relaxing place for visitors while seeing the cultivation of resin trees and feel the direct harvest of fruits.

2. Animal Observation

Visitors can observe the original wildlife of Sumatra Island in TNBBS.

3. Plot Animal Plots

Some typical plants TNBBS grow in this place. Visitors can observe it directly.

4. Shelter Proof of Ujung Pandang

After passing the jogging track to the shelter, visitors can rest at this point while enjoying a fresh drink.

5.Start Rapling Siring Sahanau Lunik

Visitors who love challenges can feel the sensation of playing rapling in this location.

6.Balak Waterfall and Way Ngericik Waterfall

In these two places, you will enjoy the coolness of nature. Then, visitors can also take a bath to enjoy the fresh waterfall.

7. Camping Ground

In addition to enjoying nature, visitors can also stay at the camping ground to feel the night in the tropical forest.

 8.Shelter Ulok Rangui

This relaxing place offers a warm drink after you are freezing to play in the water.

9.Tubing Ulok Sumbang

This destination offers the sensation of enjoying the natural charm in Way Biha while climbing tubbing. Next, visitors will enjoy a water journey by boat jukung for 1.5 hours to Way Biha Dam.

10.Paku State Road Dam

Be the end of the adventure tour. Here visitors can enjoy the beauty of the dam while selfie. (JL/LB)



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